Current leaders

Welcome to the Leaders section. Current leaders are automatically added to the mailing list and will receive information about the coming summer camps each year. If you are a current leader and have not received leader information by the end of August, please contact us using the Leader Inquiry Form.

Dates for your diary

Leaders' Training Weekend

Arrive: Friday evening 29 November 2019 (between 8pm and 11pm)
Depart: Sunday afternoon 1 December 2019 (or optionally stay on to the afternoon of Tuesday 3 December for some advanced canoe training)


Camp One

Leaders arrive: Not later than 12.30pm on Friday 27 December 2019
Leaders depart: Around 4pm on Sunday 5 January 2020

(Campers arrive: Sunday 29 December 2019, Campers depart: Sunday 5 January 2020)

Leaders are welcome to stay at the site after the campers depart for a social dinner and debrief with other leaders and depart by 11am the following day.

Camp Two

Leaders arrive: Not later than 12.30pm on Thursday 9 January 2020
Leaders depart: 11am on Sunday 19 January 2019

(Campers arrive: Saturday 11 January 2020, Campers depart: Saturday 18 January 2020)

Leaders are asked to stay overnight to help with the big close down and clean up of the property at the end of the summer. As with Camp 1, leaders will have a social dinner and debrief once the campers have departed. Those leaders who need to leave on the same day as campers can negotiate in advance to leave about 5pm.

Leaders' Resources

For current leaders, check out the bundle of goodies below - You can grab the 'What to Bring' checklist, Leaders' Manual and big list of training resources.

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What to bring

Download the leaders what to bring list hereBy popular demand, you can download the 'What to Bring' list to help you pack for summer!

Leaders Manual

Download the leaders manual here You can grab a digital version of the Leaders' Manual, or print out a fresh copy.

Objectives and Program Policies

Here are the Camp Cooinda objectives and program policies. A handy reference!

Training Resources

The committee has been working hard to follow up training suggestions and interest shown by leaders. Here are a variety of resources for you to explore throughout the year. Don’t forget to email us with any certificates you obtain (so we update your leader record) and give us feedback on these suggested resources.